Open letter to popular Polish weekly magazine

At the beginning of September one of the most popular conservative weekly magazines in Poland published an article about homeschooling as an alternative for educational revolution in Polish public schools. We have debate about sexual education, promotion of gender ideology in Polish school, books and that article encouraged to thinking about homeschooling as a serious alternative for public education.

There was just one sentence which I didn’t like. The author, who is a Catholic activist, wrote that the biggest group in Poland that educate their children at home because of their  faith and worldview are “fundamentalist protestant cults”. So you can see why a lot Catholics in Poland think that we are cults.

In reaction to that, I wrote an Open Letter to that Magazine and the author of the article, I expressed my gratitude for seeing positive aspect of that education but as a pastor and a parent I had to correct that mistake. I was surprised when magazine published my letter which wasn’t short and the author wrote a public apology under that letter.

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