Homeschooling in Bartosiks family

We homeschool Zuzia (the 4th grade) Janek (the 2nd) and Maja (the 0 class). The challenge is getting bigger and bigger not only because of the difficulty of working on three different levels, but also planning their time for developing their gifts and talents. Lack of curriculums for homeschoolers as well as schools experimenting on pioneers make homeschooling more time consuming and a bit stressful for Jola. We have no Christian School in Gdansk and formally our children are students of Christian Primary School in Poznan. It’s 200 miles away and they have to pass exams in the School in order to move to the next level. In January Zuzia is going to take three of five exams that she is obliged to take this school year.

Although it is a challenge for us we can see good fruits of it: knowledge and character of our kids and in our character. Besides teaching our children at home Jola gives English lessons 2 afternoons a week after my work. The news of the month is that we’ve got a dog! Children were very consistent asking us for it for years (about 4 years!) so we gave up. Nala sleeps in the hall and everybody at home has a duty to walk her out at least once a day. It seems we are going to get fit :) 

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