Short Summary of 2012

Last year we had a lot of opportunities for preaching the Gospel, fellowship, witnessing by showing far reaching and practical ramification of the Gospel. The Church is growing slowly but is growing.

Poland is still a very difficult mission field for two reasons:
-         impact of secularism from Western Europe
-         still a strong position of the Roman Catholic Church (95% of Polish people are Catholics)

Summary of 2012

We are grateful to the Lord Jesus for everything which we experienced. Among the many challenges I would like to share with you most important events of last year:

- We continued to homeschool  3 our children (Zuzia 9, Janek 7, Maja 5 years old)
- We changed a few things in our liturgy: lifting up hands during singing Gloria Parti and Lord’s Prayer, singing Doxology after Benediction, three readings instead of two, recitation 1-2 questions and answers from Heidelberg Catechism after Apostle’s (or Nicene) Creed, new melody of singing Psalms in responsive way
- We held regular meetings in Coffee Shops titled “Worldviews among us” (we had a lot of discussions after each presentation)
- Open concerts of our Christian music band
- We held regular open lectures on Reformation and Five Solas at the University of Gdansk
- Summer evangelism at the Old Town where we had our church’s stand ("sketchboard", two tables with free literature, invitations and opportunity for a lot of conversations with people)
- Family Camp in May in the mountains
- Creationism vs Evolutionism Conference (“What Darvin didn’t know?”) with British scientist Andy McIntosh. We had over 80 people attend (besides the people from our church).
- I was involved in an internet public polemic about childrearing with a famous Polish TV star (the program is called: Supernanny). There were almost 600 comments and survey where 65% of people supported necessity of physical discipline (in some situations)
- I wrote an article about homeschooling to a nation wide Polish magazine
- As family we also participate in Royal Rangers ministry. My wife is one of the leaders in Gdansk.
- I was a speaker at the conference for fathers at the Pentecostal Church.
-My blog ministry is bringing a lot of fruit. I have an average of 150 daily readers. It seems that it became one of the more influential “arms” of sharing biblical (reformed) view on reality.

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