Public polemic with TV Supernanny

One of the famous Polish TV Show Star: “Supernanny” – Dorota Zawadzka criticized on her Facebook profile an article by  Doug Wilson about spanking which had been published on the website of our quaterly magazine “Reformacja w Polsce” and our church website (translation from Credenda Agenda). I wrote a response to that on my blog. 

The most popular web-service in Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia (3 cities close to themselfes) published an article on their main page about the debate of “TV supernany and pasor from Gdansk”. I was surprised that most of 520 commentaries supported my view on discipline and childrearing. Alost 1600 people voted in the survey under the articles. 67% of them agreed with biblical view on spanking. Amazing.

I think it was very profitable thing because a lot of people in Poland are afraid to say what they think because of government legislation that’s been issued some months ago which defines spanking as a civil crime (violence). Thanks God it is not illegal to share publicly different worldview than Polish government. This is why that discussion was very important and necessary. 

Here is the link to that article.

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