Restoring fatherhood

Last Saturday I participated in the conference in Pentecostal Church about fatherhood and conversations went good. I had two lectures: 1." What God the Father is Like" and 2."Imitating the Father". 

There were 35-40 men, fathers, most of them between 30-50. I printed for them few articles about biblical parenting. All of them disappeared :-) It was great opportunity!

From January 2013 I want to start and develop regular monthly ministry for families in Gdansk (on the first Saturday of each month). It will be the lectures and seminars for husbands, wifes, fathers and mothers from our town (Gdansk has half million people) about: - fatherhood - motherhood - marriage - childrearing, Christian education etc. - biblical model of masculinity and femininity - masculinity and femininity in the church and in the culture.

In March 2013 we're going to make a conference (with few speakers) about Christian homeschooling and we want to invite all Christian churches from Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia (3 cities close to themself). All of the lectures will be recorded and publish on our church website, my blog (pbartosik.pl) and youtube.

 If you have any advices, suggestions which could be helpful please feel free to share with me. I would appreciate it. I ask you for praying for that ministry. Restoring marriage and family (especially fatherhood) is big, contemporary challenge in our country.

Pictures from the conference:

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