We have to looking for another place for Services

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Headmaster of primary school where we have rented a chapel for 6 years told me that they don't want to give us this place for rent for the next school year. She didn't want to explain me reasons honestly ("I have no duty to say you about reasons" - probably you know that kind of excuses). A lot of signs on the sky and earth seem to say she did it because of pressure of a priest, nuns and catholic parents who don't like the presence of protestants in public school anymore. Also our conferences, my debates and articles in local websites and newspapers could "help" her to make the decision (evolutionism, childrearing etc.).

Last Sunday we met in our flat. We're going do it again next Sunday. But we are looking for another place. BTW, it is my prayer request - if you could please pray for a new, good room for our Sunday Services (for our financial capabilities with good location). Thank you.

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