Virgil and Katie Hurt in Gdansk

In May we had Family Conference made by our Church in Ostrzyce (North of Poland, close to Gdansk and to the Baltic Sea).
It was a special time for many reasons:
- we had special guests: Virgil and Katie Hurts from Providence Church (CREC) in Lynchburg, VA. Virgil had 5 lectures (Life Together: Saints loving God and people) and the Sermon at the Service on the Lord's Day.
- we had almost 60 people, including pastors and members from our all three Polish Churches connected to CREC: Wroclaw, Poznan (member churches), Gdansk (mission church)
- it was the first of our Camps made close to Gdansk. Thanks to that, we had more members and visitors from our town. Some of them visited our Church last Sunday at the Service and we have regular contact with them.

After the Camp we spent 3 days in Gdansk with Virgil and Katie on sightseeing and fellowship. They could see our town, huge medieval Castle of Crusaders in Malbork (from the 13th Century) and spent time with our family. It was a great time of refreshment in faith for all of us! We want to make such a Camp next year too. If you are willing to visit, serve, spent time with our people from Polish CREC Churches please let me know   :)   You're very welcome! Here you can see the photos from our Camp HERE

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