Catholic Monk from Gdansk

Famous Catholic monk Jacek Krzysztofowicz resigned from his calling and left Dominican Monastery. He had led popular evening Masses every Sunday at 9 pm. A few years ago my friends from Roman Catholic Church invited me there. He preached about commandments of the Decalogue. I published my remarks from that visit on my blog (“Dominikan Monk on the Second Commandment”): http://tiny.pl/h21pf (you can use Google Transtation :) 

So, his leaving was very broadly commented on, not only in Gdansk. Of course Roman Catholic journalists and priests condemned him. I wrote to him an email with words of encouragement and promise of prayer for his new life outside Roman Catholic Church. I offered a meeting and praying together. I also wrote two articles about that situation on my blog and almost 1.800 daily visitors read it . I could see good fruit of that ministry. Thanks to the blog and our Church website we have a few new regular visitors. Here are two notes about that situation: http://tiny.pl/h21pc and http://tiny.pl/h21pd

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