We started with our Mission Station 2013

We started with our Mission Station 2013 in the center of Gdansk.
On the picture: "What is the way to heaven?" 
"Bibles for free!"



I’m finishing sermon series from the Sermon on the Mount. It is a wonderful refreshing for my mind and heart. I’ve learnt more what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. I hope it is good spiritual food for people. I am also encouraged because I see that our people show more passion in liturgy. We still learn how to worship corporately, loudly, joyfully and I feel it is getting better and better every Service, although we have no crowds (18-22 people). Although we are a reformed church we have no doctrinal statement that our churches shouldn’t be bigger than 40 souls :-)  and we expect God will be glorified by more souls. 

We regularly pray for our town and as John Knox (Scottish reformer) we want to see Poland and Gdansk changed by the power of the Gospel. One of our families which started the Church with us some years ago enlarged. Their 4th kid (a daughter) was born in April. They also faithfully practice homeschooling.

"Worldviews among us”

We continue our regular meetings in a Coffee Shop in Gdansk to discuss apologetic topics “Worldviews among us”. So far we have had meetings about basic religious (Buddhism, Islam, Mormons, Jehowah Witnesses) or secular philosophies (postmodernism, evolutionism, atheism, agnosticism) and we commented it from Christian perspective which was a very helpful tool in discussion with people around us. Sometimes non-Christians visited our meetings. This year we started  to discuss about connections between worldview, religion, culture and art. As the basis for the discussion I would like to use the series of Francis Schaeffer’s movies: “How should we then live?”.

Catholic Monk from Gdansk

Famous Catholic monk Jacek Krzysztofowicz resigned from his calling and left Dominican Monastery. He had led popular evening Masses every Sunday at 9 pm. A few years ago my friends from Roman Catholic Church invited me there. He preached about commandments of the Decalogue. I published my remarks from that visit on my blog (“Dominikan Monk on the Second Commandment”): http://tiny.pl/h21pf (you can use Google Transtation :) 

So, his leaving was very broadly commented on, not only in Gdansk. Of course Roman Catholic journalists and priests condemned him. I wrote to him an email with words of encouragement and promise of prayer for his new life outside Roman Catholic Church. I offered a meeting and praying together. I also wrote two articles about that situation on my blog and almost 1.800 daily visitors read it . I could see good fruit of that ministry. Thanks to the blog and our Church website we have a few new regular visitors. Here are two notes about that situation: http://tiny.pl/h21pc and http://tiny.pl/h21pd