What is our view on sacraments?

Sometimes people ask me about our view on sacraments, including the modes and recipients. Here is my response.

We believe in 2 sacraments: Baptism and Lord’s Supper. Baptism is rite which replaced circumcision as a sign of initiation in Covenant. Lord’s Supper replaced Passover as the sign of continuation in Covenant.

Both sacraments are more than only signs. They are God’s gifts, blessings and benefits for His People, the Church. Baptism marks baptized person as the disciple of Christ, it unites us (in covenantal meaning) with Christ in His death (Rom 6:3, Gal 3:27). All baptized people (in the name of the Father, and Son and Holy Spirit) are members of New Covenant, baptized in One Body (1 Kor 12:13) and are under obligations of faith and life for the Lord Jesus. We don’t believe that we should hold any special mode. We don’t believe that only one “sanctified” form of baptism is for example immersion. We usually pour the water over head of the baptized person and we baptize in the name of Father and Son and Holy Spirit – which marks this person as participant of the Covenant, Body of Christ. Because God’s promises are for us and our seed – we baptize infants. Christ showed the faith of little ones as the pattern for adults (not inversely).

Lord’s Supper is feast of God with is people (Church). It is feats of joy because God assurances us in His promises and gives us bread and wine. During the eating of the bread and drinking wine we sit because Jesus is active during Lord’s Supper. He serves us with good gifts. HE gives us sacraments.

Our children participate with us in Lord’s Table because sacraments are not only for adults and mature Christians. It is not a reward for conscious and intelligent faith. It is food for all who need God’s encouragement. It is fellowship of Christ’s Body with Jesus. Baptized children are part of the Church and they have right and privilege (the same as adults) to participate in communion. All who are in Christ can participate in Lord’s Table. Christ died for his body – the church - including our children. We practice padeocommunion and we practice communion each Sunday (weekly). It is not just adding to our Service but necessary and main meal during the week. Because we eat this with God and body of Christ. He gives us Himself in Sacraments.

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