Some words about evangelism

Evangelism is preaching the Gospel to the people. The Gospel is a historical fact, that Jesus came to us, died for our sins, resurrected and now He is king over all creation. The Gospel is proclamation of Kingdom of God and Jesus as King of Kings. It is Good News! The Gospel is not what WE do, it is not our response, it is what GOD did for us. Our response to the Gospel should be living faith.

We believe that all people are sinners in Adam and they need salvation. We also recognize that 95% Polish men are baptized in Roman Catholic Church We treat this baptism as valid and we begin our preaching with recognizing it. It means that: “God requires obedience from you because you are in Covenant with Him. You are in danger of being covenant breaker if you break covenant by unbelieving. The Bible says about bigger punishment for Covenant breakers than for mere atheists outside Covenant. You have to repent and convert to Jesus.” Of course we believe in God’s sovereignty in salvation, we believe in predestination but it is God’s perspective and we don’t inspect who is individually elected from eternity.

One of the best method of growing the church are godly families. God gave us the children as his seed and it is natural way of growing the church. We began evangelism from our family, friends and neighborhood. We treat our children as His children, small disciples of Christ. Healthy families are the beginning of growth of a healthy church.

Of course we go farther and we preach publicly the Gospel at the Old Town of our City (sketchboard, we print our tracts, we make public lectures in bookstore, we use our website, we joined international action “Samaritan Purse” and we gave gift for poor children etc,).

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