Some words about our church in Gdansk

Evangelical Reformed Church is a congregation of the Lord's people in Gdansk. We are the mission church of Evangelical Reformed Church in Wroclaw. We started our ministry from 3rd of April when all the elders from Wroclaw officially and publicly (during Sunday Service) sent me to the mission work in Gdansk. One week later we started our services (10th of April 2005).

Our congregation was a result of our studies on covenant theology. What greatly influenced our convictions were books, articles, discussions with reformed pastors and authors (Greg Bahnsen, Francis Schaeffer, Gregg Strawbridge, Douglas Wilson, Dennis Tuuri, Randy Booth, Ralph Smith, Larry Ball, Tim Gallant, Mark Horne, Gerry Wisz, Robert S. and G. Rayburns).

We are a Christian Church whose Head is the Lord Jesus Christ. According to the Scripture and Apostolic Church God gathers us on the Lord’s Day (Sunday) for worship and to celebrate the Lord’s Victory over sin and death. Our ministry goal is to bring glory to the Triune God – The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit
As a Covenant Community we are called to submit to the Lord every area of life - our worship, life of our families, education, art, economy etc. We believe that the Holy Scripture is the only one authority (Sola Scriptura). God says to us clearly by every word from 66 books of the Bible.

Our conviction is that the Bible teaches that we are saved by God’s “grace alone” (Sola Gratia), through “faith alone” (Sola Fide), because of the finished work of “Christ alone” (Solus Christus). From beginning to end, our salvation is the result of the work of God alone (Eph. 2:8-9; Tit. 3:5). Although our church is very young (and small) the doctrines and convictions of Evangelical Reformed Church in Gdansk are based on historic Protestant orthodoxy as best summarized in the historic Christian creeds (Apostolic, Nicene Creed, Chalcedon) and the reformed confessions (Westminster Standards, Three Forms of Unity).

By His grace and for His glory we are committed to loving one another and our neighbors at home and around the world by proclaiming the gospel to the ends of the earth, making Christian disciples of all families and nations. We pray to our God for possibilities to preach the gospel in Gdansk and growth of His church and spreading reformed faith here.

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