Open or closed mind?

Erroneous assumption of postmodern ideology is that an open mind is better than closed. Many postmodernists have an open mind on everything but the Word of God and Christ. As we can see they have strong firewall in their system tightly blocking the adoption of certain information. The open mind is often either empty or cluttered various information that has never been selected, evaluated and interpreted.

Closed mind should do the selection. So before you plant anything to readmit first file with information to pass through anti-virus. The Bible is the best anti-virus program. Closed mind letting something to measure also protects certain information and does not erase their fear of the crash the system.

On the other hand, being open means a willingness to reformation, and not deformation. If the Bible convince us that we stray - we should be ready to abandon this ideology and practice. That is why Scripture says about endurance in terms of progress - 1 Timothy 4:15.

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