More or less blessings?

"The coming of Christ makes us not less certain of the salvation of the infant children of the covenant, but more so. Christ's attitude to little children is cited as evidence of this truth, for He commanded that children be brought to Him, saying, "for of such is the kingdom of heaven" and embraced them in His arms. "If it be just for infants to be brought to Christ", Calvin contends, "why is it not allowable to admit them to baptism, the symbol of our communion and association with Christ? If theirs is the kingdom of Heaven, why shall the sign be denied them by which, as it were, an entrance into the church is opened that, being received into it, they may be enrolled among the heirs of the heavenly kingdom: How unjust shall we be, if we drive away from Christ those whom he invites to him; if we deprise them of the gifts with which he adorns them; if we exlude those whom he graciously admits?"

The Presbyterian Doctrine of Children in the Covenant, Lewis Bevens Schenck, Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, Phillipsburg 2003, p. 10.

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