The first concert

My rock band "Krotka Pilka" at the first public concert (June 16th 2011). It was the last song of our performance - "We are not alone" (Nie jestesmy sami).


Fruit of evangelism with CREC mission team

3-10th of July 2011 we had CREC Mission Team from the USA, Canada and Japan. h They served in Gdansk and in Poznan as ch the choir “Chorale Gaudete”, distributed free in invitations, talked with Polish people. We h had an open evangelism station at the Old o Town where we shared the Gospel with a board and paints (sketchboard), choir, singing, distribution of free literature and talks with those who were interested. Among our publications we had booklets about salvation, family, church, science, religions, abortion, Roman Catholicism, atheism, etc..

Every day in the evening American and Canadian Brothers and Sisters gave choir concerts (with short evangelistic sermon after that) in various places in Gdansk. Pastor Garry Vanderveen from Canada preached at our Sunday Service, pastor Jack Phelps (CREC Presiding minister) served during the Lord’s Supper.

More news, photos and movies from that event you can find at a wonderful website of the two of the participants of this mission – Peter Mahar and Miwaza Jemimah: www.evangelos.in

Fruits of that are 3 people who regularly visit us on Sunday. Thanks God!


Prayer requests

New prayer requests (Fall 2011):

- Growth in maturity and in numbers of our church
- Polish reformed churches in Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk
- Good results of homeschooling (Christian education) of children from our church
- Thanksgiving for good fruits of CREC Mission Trip and our open evangelism
- Our music band and good testimony through concerts, lyrics, conversations with people after concerts,
- finishing my doctorate

Our family - July 2011

We continue homeschooling

In September we officially started 2nd year of homeschooling of Zuzia (7 years old) – our oldest daughter and the 1st year of our son - Janek. We are one of 2 families from Gdansk who practice homeschooling so weren’without troubles and doubts. Today we thank God for this opportunity! Thanks God in May Zuzia passed her exams in Christian School in Poznan where she belongs and we’are going to start the same educational way for Janek after holidays. In September also the second family from our church (Piotrek and Kasia Ciunel) started homeschooling of their oldest son – Michal.